2016 Cuba PDC

Reconnect with your Food

Harvest fresh, organic fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and more just outside your door.

Nurture Biodiversity

Create habitat for birds, butterflies, bees and countless other creatures where you live.

Conserve Precious Resources

Reduce greenhouse gases, shrink your environmental footprint.

Save Time & Money

Practice a "true economy" rooted in the ecology of your place.

Cultivate Abundance

Food security for yourself, your family, your community, your town or city.

Regenerate Health & Vitality

Of self, community, land and ecology.

Find out more!

Relax & rejuvenate while experiencing Cuba’s world-renown holistic health and organic agriculture!

Resilient local food systems

Are you concerned about where your food comes from and how it is grown? Do you want to participate in a vibrant and healthy local food system? Are you looking for resources to help you grow your own food in your yard or in your community? Are you working on a project promoting local food security?

The Urban Farmer

We are a small business providing permaculture design, urban agriculture and organic gardening services to individuals, families and communities throughout Canada and beyond. Rooted in the philosophy and practise of permaculture, our expertise lies in stimulating the capacity for local food production, bio-diversity, and community development in urban, peri-urban and small-scale rural settings.

We can help

This website offers a detailed description of our educational, consulting, design and installation, and writing and research activities. We invite you to make use of the many free resources found on this site and feel free to share them with others. Please be in touch with us if we can support your transformative efforts in any way. We would love to hear from you!
Ron Berezan, The Urban Farmer